Even Senator Wyden doesn’t know signon.org is a GEO Soros non-profit used to link dissidents to blacklisting.

If Senator Wyden knew I am sure he would begin a fraud investigation into why Trimet, who opened the completed Orange Line, with a dedicated light rail across the Wilamette and is planning to eliminate students, handicapped and senior riders from the pay as you go ticket beginning August 2017, accepted Federal Funding?

I am trying to connect via internet explorer to my Microsoft account jelainerabunwohl@msn.com from my account in the Mail app on my HP Notebook but I get redirected to the Edge where jinniwohl@msn.com reigns supreme. Numerous obstacles including theft of my Skype subscription since December 2014 and sabotage of my Nokia Windows phone apps including the Storage Sense app (on March 13, 2016 verified by Joanna, the tech at the Microsoft store, I have the receipt) so that I mistakenly thought I could get my apps to update if I eliminated data which I of course did to no avail and finally disabling my camera, out of spite. I can no longer take pictures.  I have a beautiful shot of the new TriMet bridge on my HP Netbook but can’t find it since my gallery photos were replaced with the new icon ugh. The excuse is I am blacklisted (my ip addresses of HP Netbook and Nokia Windows phone) but the truth is MSN/Google stole my YouTube Channel and associated email sweetiejays@gmail.com. The proof of the latter is my son’s missing video from my proxy channel along with my collections and contacts. Google+ has an erroneous number instead of my pirated Skype subscription number +17272314943 on my profile. A login from Norcross GA into my Twitter account from Google Chrome which I have eliminated from my PC proves MSN/Google are proxying my Twitter account as well. Today October 22,2016 when I tried to add the email account jelainerabunwohl978@msn.com to my Nokia Windows phone so that I could connect my phone to my PC I got another oops.

The White House can now drone me without a warrant here and abroad.  The new GEO Soros, Zoley and Clooney have ended our US freedom,  replaced with the New World Order who in opposition to the US Constitution are presently doing their best to create a lower class which they are presently trying to achieve in the Portland Metro area by discrediting students. the handicapped and the elderly.  In addition to eliminating them from the pay as you go fare, the collected revenue from their fares is apparently to be used as a cash cow.  Portland Metro is extremely stingy with technology for students e.g. there is no Print Shop where students can line up documents at home on their personal computers for printing at the library for 15 cents for a black and white or 25 for a color.  The students are not even allowed to use Wifi at Mt. Hood Community College but must use state owned and controlled computers.  The point is a hostile working environment and this view is confirmed when you go to the state job site and find that your Veteran status has been downgraded to never served in the military and your educational status downgraded to did not graduate college.


Slavery Is Not Dead in America!!!

Thank You Harold Smith Kristeen Hernandez aka Lady2Soothe Follow @OurVoicesEcho Slavery is alive and well, and absolutely thriving in the American prison industrial complexes. The 13th Amendment of…

Source: Slavery Is Not Dead in America!!!

https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/e8dc717b-0bda-4de1-a479-8b230e3c21ed since I wrote this post I was mugged by the New Port Richey police who stole my car laptop and cell phones kidnapped me, refused my pro se defense, sent me to a GEO hospital where the only defense I had against GEO (Gov Scott’s contribution to the Florida prison system) was an honest guard who stood by when a GEO doctor tried to forcibly medicate me with high blood pressure medicine and who had them make me a new prison ID when my card indicated I was a black woman.

My Windows phone was disabled by disabling of the storage sense app first and then by blacklisting the ip address which I found out when I tried to switch MSN log in email addresses. When I followed the link to a site to remove the blacklisting they promised removal within 24 hours which was not true and I still cannot use my phone app on my Windows phone. I can see a number 1 on the phone tile but I can’t access it. The blacklist has disabled MSN apps on my phone where the tile shows up blank or with the number 17 on it.

I created a Petition at the GEO Soros non profit and got 8 signatures out of 892 views.


Savory Raw Zucchini Chip

Nutritional yeast is a new baking ingredient for me.

Wrong Way Gang

 Harpo & I get tired of sweet food on trail – even thinking about all the processed sugar stacked on convinience store shelves in trail towns is making my teeth hurt – so we’ve been experimenting with various homemade savory snacks. Our latest most successful venture iz zucchini chips.

These are light and crispy. They dehydrate better without oil – salting the zucchini first and sweating it for a few minutes helps to bind the yeast. Although they’re not super calorie dense, they are tasty and super easy to prepare. They make an awesome vehicle for hummus or refried beans, or crumbled on soup. It’s kindof a bummer that zucchini are mostly water, so you lose a lot of weight in dehydrating – but they’re cheaper by weight to produce than kale chips soooo…


  • 6 large zucchini
  • 2 cups nutritional yeast
  • Coarse sea salt
  • Fresh ground black pepper
  • Smoked…

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