Slavery Is Not Dead in America!!!

Thank You Harold Smith Kristeen Hernandez aka Lady2Soothe Follow @OurVoicesEcho Slavery is alive and well, and absolutely thriving in the American prison industrial complexes. The 13th Amendment of…

Source: Slavery Is Not Dead in America!!! since I wrote this post I was mugged by the New Port Richey police who stole my car laptop and cell phones kidnapped me, refused my pro se defense, sent me to a GEO hospital where the only defense I had against GEO (Gov Scott’s contribution to the Florida prison system) was an honest guard who stood by when a GEO doctor tried to forcibly medicate me with high blood pressure medicine and who had them make me a new prison ID when my card indicated I was a black woman.

My Windows phone was disabled by disabling of the storage sense app first and then by blacklisting the ip address which I found out when I tried to switch MSN log in email addresses. When I followed the link to a site to remove the blacklisting they promised removal within 24 hours which was not true and I still cannot use my phone app on my Windows phone. I can see a number 1 on the phone tile but I can’t access it. The blacklist has disabled MSN apps on my phone where the tile shows up blank or with the number 17 on it.

I created a Petition at the GEO Soros non profit and got 8 signatures out of 892 views.


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